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    Questions and answers > Questions related to the election at Kaiser > Why does SEIU want to "partner" with Kaiser?

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    SEIU officials have struck a long-term deal with Kaiser management. 

    As part of this deal, Kaiser promotes SEIU as its preferred union in ways large and small. For instance, Kaiser and SEIU have agreed in our current contract to work together to make it easier for SEIU to represent Kaiser workers in new hospitals Kaiser opens in other states. 

    In return, SEIU takes a partnership tax of 9 cents an hour per worker out of our paychecks and sends it back to management, uses its political clout to promote Kaiser’s HMO services, and helps Kaiser to increase its multibillion dollar profits by allowing management to cut our benefits and job protections. The people who get left out of this deal are us, the workers. 

    While Kaiser has made more than $8 billion in profits since January, 2009, Kaiser workers have seen massive cuts to our pension plan and retiree health benefits, 1,000 layoffs statewide, and an overall weakening in the enforcement of our contract.  One of the biggest impacts of this has been the erosion of our employment and income security agreement with Kaiser, which directly impacts our job security.