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    Questions and answers > Questions related to the election at Kaiser > What has SEIU given up in contract bargaining?

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    At Kaiser, SEIU has given up 15% of workers’ lump sum pension payout, costing Kaiser workers $242 million. In itslatest contract, SEIU also let Kaiser management freeze workers’ retiree health benefits, put into place contract provisions that promote subcontracting, forced us into a privacy-invading wellness program, and agreed to pay Kaiser management 9 cents per worker per hour in the form of a “partnership tax.”

    At other healthcare employers, the cuts have been even more drastic.  At Daughters of Charity, SEIU-UHW agreed to give up workers’ defined benefit pension entirely and committed workers to pay an increasing share of their healthcare premiums.  At Dignity Health (formerly Catholic Healthcare West), SEIU gave up workers’ defined benefit pension as well, saving the employer more than $217 million.

    If SEIU allowed employers they do not have partnership agreements with to get away with these cuts, it’s only a matter of time before they do the same for their “partner,” Kaiser Permanente.