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    Questions and answers > Questions related to the election at Kaiser > Is NUHW led by the people who used to run our union, SEIU-UHW West?

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    Yes. Until January 2009, the current officers and rank-and-file leaders of NUHW ran our union, SEIU UHW-West, and won the best contracts in the healthcare industry. 

    However, SEIU officials in Washington DC had a different agenda centered on “partnership” with healthcare corporations. SEIU’s agenda jeopardized workers’ hard-fought contract gains. When the current leaders of NUHW resisted this agenda, SEIU officials took over our union and removed them. Those leaders went on to form NUHW.

    Under SEIU-UHW’s new leadership, SEIU members have seen our benefits, job protections and other contract gains sacrificed in order to curry favor with the healthcare employers SEIU seeks to “partner” with. 

    Kaiser workers deserve a union that stands up for workers instead of siding with management, which is why thousands of healthcare workers are fighting to leave SEIU and join NUHW.