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    NUHW welcomes the new mayor of L.A., our friend Eric Garcetti

    This past Sunday, I attended the inaugural ceremony of Los Angeles’ new mayor, Eric Garcetti. The experience reaffirmed my optimism over the city’s future under the leadership of a smart and dynamic politician who is a close friend of our union.

    Eric Garcetti has been a supporter of NUHW for years. During our strikes at Kaiser in 2011, as the city councilman for the district that Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center resides in, Eric listened to our concerns, offered his help, and played an important role in advocating for striking NUHW members.

    His leadership in countless other areas has been just as pivotal — from supporting the rights of immigrants to environmental protection to creating good jobs in L.A.

    That’s why NUHW endorsed Eric’s mayoral candidacy earlier this year and played an important role in helping him win. Now, NUHW members will do what we do so well: stay organized and make sure the new mayor stays committed to the interests of workers in Los Angeles, including NUHW’s members.

    On another note: today in Northern California, NUHW members at Children’s Hospital Oakland are conducting an informational picket to fight off employer-threatened cuts and to improve staffing at the hospital to keep patients safe. You can support your NUHW brothers and sisters at Children’s Oakland by calling the hospital’s president, Dr. Bert Lubin, at (510) 428-3461 and telling him you support NUHW members on the picket line!


    Sal Rosselli, President
    National Union of Healthcare Workers - California Nurses Association 


    NUHW-CNA Celebrates Equality

    Above: Marilyn Albert, RN, and Shirley Nelson, LVN, served as medical volunteers at yesterday’s celebration of the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality in San Francisco’s Castro district.

    NUHW-CNA is proud to celebrate this week’s huge step forward for equality for all Americans. NUHW staff and member leaders have been active in the campaign to achieve marriage equality for years, going all the way back to 2000, when Local 250 housed the campaign to defeat the anti-gay “Knight Initiative,” Prop 22, out of our union hall.

    This is a huge win for the LGBT equality movement,” says NUHW President Sal Rosselli, who was selected as a Community Grand Marshal in the 2006 San Francisco Pride Parade. “But organizing must continue to achieve equal rights for all in 37 other states.”


    $4 million fine against Kaiser for deficient mental health care

    Did you hear the news?

    A year and a half ago, NUHW psychologists and social workers compiled an exhaustive, 34-page report on major deficiencies in mental health services at Kaiser Permanente caused by chronic understaffing.

    Just yesterday, the state agency that oversees HMOs like Kaiser affirmed our report’s findings, and announced that it is fining Kaiser $4 million for failing to provide timely care to patients in mental and emotional distress.

    That’s the second biggest fine in the agency’s entire history.

    It’s been reported on NPR and in the L.A. Times, the Sacramento Bee and the Associated Press. And today, we did press conferences in both Los Angeles and Oakland to talk to reporters directly about how NUHW members are holding Kaiser accountable and standing up for patients.

    Since the only thing that Kaiser executives seem to care about is money, maybe this hefty fine will finally get the message through to management that Kaiser needs to do better by its mental health patients by providing them with the staffing they need. NUHW members won’t stop until our patients start receiving the care they need and deserve.


    Carl Andaya, Kaiser Behavioral Healthcare Help Line
    National Union of Healthcare Workers - California Nurses Association

    Ready to Vote NUHW at San Rafael Healthcare and Wellness Center

    At the San Rafael Healthcare and Wellness Center, we need a union we can trust. That’s why over 90% of us signed a petition for an election to get out of SEIU-UHW and join NUHW-CNA. We just filed our petition with the National Labor Relations Board yesterday.

    We’ve had enough of SEIU’s backroom dealmaking. We knew it was time to get out of SEIU when we caught SEIU officials making a secret deal with our employer that slashes our health insurance, vacation pay, holidays and work hours. Now, we have to pay more than $700 a month to get health insurance for our families. Who can afford that?

    SEIU lied to our faces for months, telling us they weren’t bargaining in secret with our boss. But they were. And five months later, we finally got a copy of the deal they signed. With one secret deal, SEIU has destroyed all of the benefits and standards that we’d slowly built up over 25 years of bargaining.

    But we didn’t just lie down and accept it. Instead, we voted SEIU-UHW’s secret deal down. In fact, not a single one of us voted to ratify it. And now, we’re going to have an election so we can finally drop SEIU and join NUHW-CNA, a union we know we can trust.

    We can’t wait to cast our ballots to join you as members of NUHW-CNA.


    Maria Martinez, San Rafael Healthcare and Wellness Center
    National Union of Healthcare Workers - California Nurses Association


    Federal judge on Kaiser & SEIU: "a sweetheart cozy arrangement"

    “A sweetheart cozy arrangement between the incumbent union boss and the company.” That’s how a federal judge described the relationship between Kaiser and SEIU as alleged in NUHW’s lawsuit against Kaiser.

    We couldn’t agree more.

    NUHW is suing Kaiser for paying workers to campaign for its company union, SEIU. In Judge William Alsup’s words, “Kaiser knowingly released lost-timers to SEIU-UHW to campaign against NUHW and paid them benefits and other things of value to campaign against NUHW” — an arrangement, the judge explained, “tantamount to making cash campaign contributions to SEIU-UHW to assist SEIU-UHW in fending off the upstart rival NUHW.”

    How illegal is such an arrangement? As Judge Alsup explains, “No court has ever held that employers can pay employees under a collective bargaining agreement to campaign under the control of the incumbent union against a rival union.”

    This week, Judge Alsup rejected Kaiser’s motion to dismiss and ruled that NUHW’s suit may proceed. This is a huge step forward in holding Kaiser accountable to the law.

    We’re so glad the government is finally beginning to see SEIU for what it is: an illegal company union controlled by management. We can’t wait to see justice done in our lawsuit against Kaiser. 



    Angela Glasper, Optical Sales Receptionist, Kaiser Antioch
    National Union of Healthcare Workers - California Nurses Association