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    NUHW Sues California's Healthcare Exchange to Protect Patients

    Last week I joined with the National Union of Healthcare Workers and four other healthcare workers in filing suit in the Sacramento County Superior Court against the California Health Benefits Exchange because they approved of the inclusion of Kaiser Permanente as an option for people to choose when the “Obamacare” Exchange goes into effect later this year.  (Read the lawsuit here)

    Earlier this year, Kaiser Permanente was cited for numerous serious deficiencies by the California Department of Managed Healthcare (DMHC) in areas critical to providing effective patient care in its mental health services, including its failure to ensure clinically appropriate care to Kaiser enrollees.  In June, the DMHC took the unprecedented step of fining Kaiser $4 million, the second highest fine in the agency’s history.

    Despite notifying the Exchange twice in writing regarding Kaiser’s serious deficiencies (Read the letters from July 24th and August 2nd), the Exchange never replied to our concerns, and, we believe, in violation of federal and state law and its own regulations, contracted with Kaiser as a plan to be offered when Obamacare is soon implemented.

    Our goal is simple:  before Kaiser is allowed to enroll thousands more patients through Obamacare, it should demonstrate to the DMHC that it can take care of the millions of Kaiser patients who are already paying Kaiser for their care.

    As both a Kaiser patient and a Kaiser mental health clinician, I want Kaiser to provide the highest quality care possible, rather than focusing on how to increase Kaiser profits at the expense of patient care.  In the past, Kaiser has shown that it has the ability to be a leader in healthcare.

    We believe that Kaiser can become that leader again – a great place to work, and a great place to receive care.

    But that starts by abiding by the law and providing the care that Kaiser patients deserve.


    Horace Beach, PhD
    Staff Psychologist
    Vallejo CDRP
    Vacaville CDS

    P.S. Read more about this important development in the Sacramento Business Journal and California Healthline.


    To All NUHW Members and Supporters

    We want to take this opportunity to extend our greetings to you on this Labor Day weekend. This is our 5th Labor Day since our members decided to take back their union and create a truly democratic and member-led organization! We’ve already made history and so much more is yet to come. Your efforts and achievements are acknowledged throughout the nation and you are truly the model for what it means to have real member involvement.

    Many NUHW front-line healthcare workers will be at work throughout the holiday weekend and we want to recognize that dedication.  This holiday is set aside to honor workers and the vital role they play in our country.  Whether you’re at work, off for the weekend or participating in a Labor Day event, this day serves as a tribute to you all and you have our sincere appreciation for both your daily work and your support for the growth of the union.

    From our Executive Board and staff, we wish you a Happy Labor Day!


    Sal Rosselli
    President, National Union of Healthcare Workers

    John Borsos
    Secretary-Treasurer, National Union of Healthcare Workers



    Radiology Associates of Marin General Vote to Affiliate with NUHW!

    I’m proud to announce that the approximately 40 members of Radiology Associates of Marin General Hospital have voted unanimously to join the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW).  After 30 years of being an independent union, our members approached NUHW to explore an affiliation.  We were aware of the years of expertise and knowledge that the officers, staff and members of NUHW would bring to our organization and our members wholeheartedly endorsed the affiliation.  

    We’re excited to join with the members of NUHW, who are affiliated with the registered nurses who are members of the California Nurses Association, to become part of the fastest growing healthcare union in the country.  It’s exciting to know that together we can be stronger in our fight to maintain high standards while being in a union that puts an emphasis on representing members in the workplace.  

    Higher standards and real representation in a member-led organization — together we’re standing for healthcare workers!


    Mark Seaman
    President, Radiology Associates


    We Deserve a Real Union at Corizon Prison Health Services

    I am proud to announce that last week, the 140 caregivers at Corizon Prison Health Services in Alameda County filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board signed by me and more than 75% of my co-workers to leave SEIU-UHW and join NUHW.  As registered nurses, social workers, licensed vocational nurses, certified nursing assistants and other healthcare workers, we believe that we deserve to be represented by a union that is willing to stand up for healthcare workers.

    In our last contract negotiations, SEIU-UHW allowed our employer to impose huge cutbacks in health insurance, and then after the contract was settled their reps were nowhere to be found.  Calls to the union go unreturned, union representatives are unresponsive and management is never challenged even when they violate the terms of our contract. 

    We and other healthcare workers deserve better.  And with NUHW, we know we will be in a union that we can trust to stand up for us. We’ll have better representation and our dues will be lower than they were in SEIU.

    We are greatly encouraged by the recent victory of workers at Mission Neighborhood Health Center in San Francisco.  Like us, in their last contract negotiations under SEIU, they were forced to accept huge concessions in health insurance while their day-to-day representational issues were ignored.  After voting to leave SEIU and join NUHW, the MNHC workers just unanimously ratified a contract that includes improvements in retirement and job security, wage increases of 6% over the term of the contract and not a single takeaway.  If the NUHW members at MNHC can do it, so can we.

    In solidarity,
    Zeny Gutman
    Registered Nurse
    Corizon Prison Health Services


    Efforts of NUHW Members at SVMH Result in Passage of New California Law

    Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB130, a bill sponsored by Salinas -area Assemblyman Luis Alejo, which will prevent public district hospitals from paying retirement benefits to hospital executives while they are still working. This bill was the culmination of a 3 year effort by NUHW members at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (SVMH) to make sure that hospital executives at public district hospitals, like Salinas Valley, don’t unjustly enrich themselves at the expense of patients and workers. NUHW, along with the California Nurses Association, were leaders among a small number of unions who publicly supported the Alejo reform bill.

    “This legislation is a straightforward approach to prevent pension double-dipping problems and overly generous retirement benefit promises,” Alejo said. “This new law will improve the transparency and accountability for the policies that healthcare districts implement to manage the retirement benefits of their top executives.”

    In April 2010, workers at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital voted overwhelmingly to leave SEIU-UHW and join NUHW. In the 2 years following the forced takeover of their local by SEIU, SVMH executives gave themselves as many as eight separate retirements plans while laying off dozens of frontline healthcare workers with no opposition from SEIU.

    In addition to strong united membership action, including informational pickets and a one-day strike, NUHW conducted extensive research into the financial practices of the hospital and its executives, the exposure of which laid the foundation for this legislation. Articles in the LA Times, Salinas Californian, and Monterey Herald brought public attention to the issues.

    Assemblymember Alejo was instrumental in helping NUHW expose the financial irregularities and played a significant role in helping to mediate a resolution to the collective bargaining agreement at SVMH. AB 130 follows another piece of legislation that Assemblymember Alejo shepherded into law earlier this year, AB 2180, which requires public district hospital to disclose benefits that it provides executives if they are different than the benefits other hospital employees receive.

    The new legislation proves once again that when workers join a union that is willing to stand up, patients and workers benefit.

    You can read press coverage here:

    San Benito County Today - “Governor signs hospital CEO pension reform bill to prevent ‘double-dipping problems’”

    Monterey County Weekly - “Governor Signs Alejo’s Bill Limiting Hospital CEO Benefits”

    The Californian - “Governor signs two Alejo bills”